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How Fad Diets Can Sabotage Weight Management Goals

For people searching for ways to lose weight, finding a place to start can be the most challenging part. They have become entrenched in their set patterns for years and don’t know how to make the necessary dietary changes to see results. People will do a quick web search and find various fad diets claiming that they can help you lose X amount of weight in X amount of time if you strictly follow their regiment.

However, sometimes these diets are so strict that for the average person trying to shed those pesky 15 pounds, facing the failure to keep up with these rigorous demands can be detrimental in the long run. Additionally, if they do wind up meeting these standards, they could begin to develop unhealthy eating and coping habits that present themselves as eating disorders down the line.

But what makes fad diets such an attractive option, and how can people find sustainable weight loss success instead?

Why Fad Diets Are So Attractive

Part of the allure of fad diets stems from the image of success that each one perpetuates. They promise things like eating high-fat foods like in the Keto Diet or have a strict list of rules in place on food that cannot eat for 30 days like in the Whole 30 diet. They promise that as long as you follow these exact guidelines, then you will see results. However, having such a strict set of rules is that when someone slips up, and they don’t follow the plan exactly, then the negative psychological impact of that failure can kickstart a chain reaction that leads to increased weight gain. Studies have shown that the weight lost by people during these fad diets overwhelmingly get put back on within 2-5 years of the initial weight loss. 

These diets stress that you can see results in as little as 30 days, and that has some people thinking that it only lasts for those 30 days and can continue to see those results well after. People’s potential to develop unhealthy eating habits in their quest to lose weight cannot be overstated. These diets can host unforeseen side effects that last well after the diet period is over. So what are people looking to lose weight to do?

Committing to a Nutritional Lifestyle Change

With all of the noise surrounding fad diets, there are still kernels of truth in each of their approaches. To achieve your weight loss goals, you must change the way you approach eating and the kinds of foods you pick. Making a concerted effort to make dietary changes that focus on fresh ingredients, tasty food and committing to changing the way you eat consistently will lead to sustainable results. You can refer to the following infographic for things to consider when trying to develop better nutritional habits:

Vitality Weight Loss Institute

With the help of the Vitality Weight Loss Institute, you can partake in our nutrition classes to learn the science behind healthy eating and learn how to take the right steps towards building a sustainable weight loss and nutrition program. 

Vitality Weight Loss Institute also offers nutrition counseling to those that need it. Finding the right balance in your nutrition will help make all of your hard work in the gym pay off as well. Contact our team to learn how we can help make the best nutritional choices for you!

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