Vitality Weight Loss Care Difference

At Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute we are experts in weight management and nutrition. We are dedicated to not just helping you look and feel better, but getting to the root cause of your weight problems. We provide comprehensive medical care in a compassionate and patient oriented environment. 

Whereas most programs are focused on short term solutions, gimmicky supplements or overly restrictive food requirements, the Vitality program is individualized to your specific needs and offers one on one private classes on understanding nutrition, psychology of eating, personalized meal plans, and meetings with the Doctor for long term success. The focus is just YOU and your health.

Many people often ask us “Will my insurance cover this?” Yes! Being obese is a serious medical problem and therefore the consultation and follow up appointments are typically covered by most insurances, including Medicare. Many insurances also cover the cost of our classes which means they are FREE for you. To find out if your insurance covers the classes, call 972-597-1639 or Book your appointment online today!