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Stephanie B

Certified Life And Weight Loss Coach

Stephanie is a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coach School. She believes that our current relationship with our body, and the patterns which fuel our thoughts and eating habits, will determine the quality of our physical, mental and emotional health. She encourages her clients to focus on adapting to a mindset that reflects a lifestyle change.

She is a former athlete and fitness competitor, whose passion to lead a healthy driven lifestyle was ingrained at a very young age. Through out her own journey, she has found that true health begins within our minds. She believes in causal coaching – Getting to the root cause of why you’re in the body you’re currently living in, and then creating the foundation it will require for sustained weight loss and transformation.

Now a wife, and mother of 2 little boys, her mission is to free those suffering from food addiction, binge eating, and diet mindset. She strives to be an example of everything that she teaches, and empowers her clients so that they can cultivate their dream relationship with food, their body and their life.

“I feel it is such an honor I get to do what I do! I love this work, and I look forward to guiding you on your journey to your healthiest and happiest self.”

Services we Offer

Weight Loss Program

The Vitality Weight Loss Program is a nonsurgical, medical program individualized to your specific needs and offers a comprehensive nutrition course, personalized meal plans, and behavioral therapy classes – all included!

Nutrition Course

The Vitality Nutrition Course is the only nutrition course in the country jointly written by an internal medicine physician who specializes in weight management and a cardiologist. Learn how to reverse your medical problems though food today.

Psychology of Eating Course

The Vitality Psychology of Eating Course is written and delivered by experts to help you understand WHY we make certain food choices. We help you get to the root of understanding the relationship between our minds and our plate.

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