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Meet the Team

Dr. Ruby Shah

About Dr. Ruby Shah

Dr. Ruby Shah is founder of the Vitality Weight Loss and Wellness Institute. She is double board certified in Internal Medicine and she is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. She is certified both through the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Obesity Medicine, completing comprehensive training and rigorous testing in each medical specialty.

What is Obesity Medicine? Obesity Medicine is the field of medicine dedicated to the care of patients who are overweight and obese. Doctors who are obesity medicine specialists use comprehensive, scientific, and an individualized approach comprised of nutrition, physical activity, behavioral therapy and medication to help patients lose weight and achieve overall better health. Board certified obesity medicine specialists are clinical experts in weight loss and weight management.

Dr. Shah is passionate about teaching people how food is at the cornerstone of our health. After treating thousands of patients in hospitals she realized that most people didn’t have the basic foundational knowledge to take care of their health. Medications are simply a band-aide to our problems, not the cure. She teaches people that:

The cure (and the problem) lies in our food.

Our food choices can create chronic disease or prevent and reverse them. She teaches people that food is medicine – we can reverse many medical diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol problems by losing weight and/or understanding how food impacts our health.

Join her in adding Vitality to your life! And with so many opinions on nutrition out there, you need a reliable source of information that is rooted in science and facts.


Dr. Asha Chaudhary, PhD in Nutrition and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Dr Chaudhary not only has a Doctorate in Nutrition, but she is also Vitality’s behavior change expert.  She uses motivational interviewing to help people understand their root causes of disordered eating and empowers them with the tools to overcome psychosocial barriers to weight loss success.  She also uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients overcome stress, emotional eating, and binge eating.

Her expertise in both nutrition and behavior change has helped hundreds of people reach their dreams of a healthy, fulfilled life. Her motto is “We don’t catch disease, we create them by the way we eat and live.”

Gaby Deleski, Registered Dietitian and ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Gaby received her bachelor’s degree, and is currently working on her master’s degree, in Dietetics from Stephen F. Austin State University. She has experience in both clinical dietetics and community outreach. As a Registered Dietitian, her aim is to provide clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to make lasting lifestyle changes. She believes in moderation and adding in small changes which lead to big results. Gaby is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and encourages clients to find movement that they enjoy. When not working, she spends time playing with her cat named “Kale Chip” and finding new hiking trails!

“My philosophy is to eat nourishing and delicious food, live the life you desire, and thrive in every area of your life. I encourage you to take care of your body as it is the only place you have to live! Together, we can make health happen”

Jacy Joplin

Jacy Joplin, Registered Dietitian, Culinary Specialist, and Personal Trainer

Jacy is now accepting appointments in clinic and via telemedicine for personalized cooking classes or for nutrition/exercise coaching. She also offers convenient evening telemedicine sessions!

Jacy is a dynamic Registered Dietitian with experience in a variety of settings including weight loss & wellness, culinary education, and sports nutrition. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiolgy from the University of North Texas and a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University. As a Registered Dietitian, she enjoys helping all patients achieve optimal health through individualized nutrition counseling. In her spare time, Jacy enjoys roaming the grocery store isles, redecorating her apartment, and exploring nature. Her happy place is the kitchen where she strives to create & share nutritious and delicious recipes suitable for people from diverse backgrounds & lifestyles.

“Helping people gain confidence in the kitchen with culinary nutrition is my favorite nutrition intervention, but I actually take a well-rounded view to nutrition and believe it is one of many keys to optimal health. You’re not just what you eat, but how you move, how you sleep, and how you take care of yourself. Your overall wellness is a balancing act and I want to be a part of helping you discover, achieve, and sustain that special balance.”


Services we Offer

Weight Loss Program

The Vitality Weight Loss Program is a nonsurgical, medical program individualized to your specific needs and offers a comprehensive nutrition course, personalized meal plans, and behavioral therapy classes – all included!

Nutrition Course

The Vitality Nutrition Course is the only nutrition course in the country jointly written by an internal medicine physician who specializes in weight management and a cardiologist. Learn how to reverse your medical problems though food today.

Psychology of Eating Course

The Vitality Psychology of Eating Course is written and delivered by experts to help you understand WHY we make certain food choices. We help you get to the root of understanding the relationship between our minds and our plate.

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