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Posts From August, 2020

woman sleeping in bed

You Snooze, You Lose: Sleep’s Influence on Weight Management

When you’re eating a well-balanced diet and find yourself participating in various cardiovascular and strength training activities, not seeing the scale numbers drop down over a sustained period can be perplexing at best and outright frustrating at worst. After all, proper eating habits and a regular exercise schedule should equate to weight loss…right?

yo-yo on top of bathroom scale

Is Yo-Yo Dieting Bad For You?

Yo-yo dieting, sometimes referred to as “weight cycling,” describes losing weight, regaining it, and then dieting again. While this cycle occurs to a certain degree at different points of our lives, yo-yo dieting alludes to the constant and frequent activity of dropping and gaining weight. Suffice it to say, those who find themselves consistently yo-yo […]

Services we Offer

Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program

The Vitality Weight Loss Program is a nonsurgical, medical program individualized to your specific needs and offers a comprehensive nutrition course, personalized meal plans, and behavioral therapy classes – all included!

Nutrition Course
Nutrition Course

The Vitality Nutrition Course is the only nutrition course in the country jointly written by an internal medicine physician who specializes in weight management and a cardiologist. Learn how to reverse your medical problems though food today.

Psychology of Eating Course
Psychology of Eating Course

The Vitality Psychology of Eating Course is written and delivered by experts to help you understand WHY we make certain food choices. We help you get to the root of understanding the relationship between our minds and our plate.

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